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Library Use Guidelines


The Library is a NO Backpack – NO Gum Zone


TAs must have their assistant pass when coming to the library on an errand for their assigned Teacher.  Since there is no consistent supervision in the workroom, the TA must enter through the front door and sign in before going into the workroom.

LIBRARY HOURS:  Opened to students mornings after the hall bell rings to 4:00 p.m. May be closed periodically throughout the day.  A sign will be taped to the front door to let you know when to come back.

 LIBRARY PRIVILEGES:  The following privileges are available to you IF you do not owe any fees, have over-due books, or have lost the privilege due to not following the use guidelines.

  • Book Check out:  If your account is in good order, from September to May you may check out 3 regular books (Fiction and some non-fiction) at a time for a 3 week period.  
  • Computer Use:  NO food, candy, gum or beverage (including water) by the computers.  
  • ALSO do not intentionally access any internet sites that have inappropriate content.  While the computer is checked out to you, you will be held responsible for any sites accessed.  [no u-tube, video clips, music videos, or games] on library computers. 
  • Games:  Various table games are available to play in the library during lunch activity.
  • Printer Use:  Only those items being turned in for class assignments, up to 3 pages for research.  

LUNCH ACTIVITY:  If the activity sign shows the Library is open, you may get an Activity pass to come to the library.

Quiet voices only in the Library.  When you come to the Library, you must be considerate of others that are using the library to read, study, do class work or take a test.